Harmony Sermon Series

Many times, our pastor likes to cover a deep topic or an entire book of the bible over the course of several weeks. On this page, you can find all the previous sermons on the current topic and complete series on multiple former topics. Click on the series you are interested in and you will be redirected to the playlist on YouTube.com, where the videos are stored. Videos are listed in order from the start of the series, or oldest sermons, first.

All Sermon Series

The Reformation
The Gospel According to Mark
Advent 2016
Favorites Passages from the Bible
Joseph: A Life of Faithfulness
The Book of Colossians: The Absolute Supremacy of Jesus Christ
Outflow: Everyday Outreach for Everyday People
Easter Sermons
The Trinity: Father, Son and Holy Spirit
Harmony Church of Bartlett Church Vision Sermons
Advent 2015
Women of the Bible: From My Will Be Done to Thy Will Be Done
Mission Series at Harmony Church of Bartlett
The Book of Galatians: Essentials of the Gospel
Supremacy and Sufficiency of Jesus Christ: The Book of Hebrews
Guests Speaker Sermons
Advent 2014
The Psalms of David
Encountering Jesus in the Gospel of John
The Book of Romans