Why Give?

Harmony Church of Bartlett is a loving congregation in Bartlett, TN seeking to be faithful to Jesus Christ by sharing His love with all we encounter. By giving to Harmony Church of Bartlett, you become part of God’s work through us. Your giving enables our on-going mission support and work in Brazil, in the Bartlett community and the greater Memphis area.

Giving is one of the best indicators of a person’s level of spiritual maturity. In the Old Testament, the people were compelled to give at least 10% of their income to the Temple. Under the New Covenant, giving is left to the discretion of the individual Christian. Our giving should be from a thankful and willing heart. Since God loves a cheerful giver, we should all be faithful in giving to His work in the local church. 

Giving needs to be a priority for all believers. By giving regularly and consistently you enable the church to budget and spend faithfully. If our giving is sporadic, the work of the church suffers. Much like a home budget, if your income is uncertain, then the things you are able to do are uncertain. But when your paycheck can be counted on on a regular basis, you are able to plan your bill paying, savings and future spending. The same holds true for the church. 

Harmony Church of Bartlett has made every effort to make it as easy as possible for you to support the work of the church. There are many ways you can give, even the traditional ways of checks and cash. If you are interested in giving through a card or directly from a bank account, Harmony has partnered with PushPay to make that possible. Click the above button "Give Here" to donate today.